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Abbas condemns attack on Jewish girl in meeting with Israeli MPs

Unlike his statements when addressing a Palestinian/Arab audience, Abbas chose to condemn a terror attack on a young Israeli girl when he met with Israeli MPs:
 “During his meeting at the Presidential Residence in Ramallah yesterday [Oct. 7, 2013] with a delegation of [Israeli] MP’s from the Labor and [Tzipi Livni’s] Hatnua parties… The President [Mahmoud Abbas] noted, regarding the issue of incitement, that ‘this is an important existing issue, and in the past – more than ten years ago – we agreed to establish a American-Israeli-Palestinian tri-partite committee, and we now insist on its being convened, in order to investigate incitement by all sides.’
In response to a question about an attack on an Israeli girl (on Oct. 5, 2013, a Palestinian terrorist attacked a 9 year-old Jewish girl in the Israeli West Bank town of Psagot), the President said: ‘We wish that all such occurrences would disappear, for their aim is to delay peace, and we are opposed in principle to the spilling of any person’s blood, and this is even written in the Quran.’ He added that ‘settlement [activity] is illegal, from beginning to end, and therefore its continued existence and current escalation will have a negative effect on the progress of negotiations.’”
From WAFA, official PA news agency