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Abbas representative Zaki: Attacks on Syria are part of conspiracy to divide Arab world

“President of Syria Bashar Assad said yesterday [Oct. 7, 2013] that the centrality of the Palestinian cause and upholding the Palestinian people’s legitimate historical rights will remain his country’s priority. Official Syrian news agency Sana noted that, while welcoming Fatah Central Committee member and President Mahmoud Abbas’ personal representative Abbas Zaki yesterday morning, Assad asserted that the brutal attack Syria is subject to will not alter its pan-Arab principles… Sana quoted Zaki, who stressed asserted the Palestinian people’s solidarity with Syria in light of the aggression to which it is subjected. He explained that harming Syria harms the [entire] Arab nation, because exhausting its people’s and its army’s capabilities is part of a larger conspiracy to divide the region’s countries and weaken them [in order] to serve Israeli interests.”

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