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Song glorifies the rifle at event supported by PA Ministry of Culture

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Sign: "Under the auspices of the President of the President of Al-Najah University, and with the support of the [PA] Ministry of Culture, the Faculty of Fine Arts welcomes you to the 5th Scientific [Artistic] Conference: 'Palestinian Folklore and Arts, Palestine in Musical Memory'"

Song: "Now I have a rifle
Take me with you to Palestine, to sad hills...
I'm searching for my home that is there,
for my homeland, surrounded by barbed wire
I'm looking for my childhood
and for my neighborhood friends...
Take me with you to Palestine, oh men
I want to live or die like men
Now I have a rifle
Say to those who ask about my cause
that now the rifle is the cause"
[PA Minister of Culture Anwar Abu Aisha is shown clapping in the audience.]

The longer version of this song ends:
"Now I have a rifle, now I'm on the list of rebels
I'll trample the thorns and the dust, I'll wear death
I'm with the rebels.
From the day I carried my rifle
Palestine is a few meters away
Oh rebels, in Jerusalem, in Hebron, In Beit Shean (i.e., northern Israel), in the Jordan Valley, in Bethlehem
Wherever you are, oh free people, move forward
The only way to Palestine is through the muzzle of the rifle."

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