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Fatah official: PA state will be “from the [Jordan] River to the Mediterranean Sea”

Headline: “Tirawi: ‘We will have a Palestinian state from the [Jordan] river to the Mediterranean Sea’”
“Fatah Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi attended a ceremony in appreciation of the prisoners’ families and a reception for new students, held yesterday [Oct. 8, 2013] by the student council of the [Palestine] Polytechnic University in Hebron, in coordination with Fatah’s Shabiba organization (Fatah youth movement)…
He turned to the audience of students and said: ‘Fatah was the first self-sacrificing fighter, (from Fedayeen - self-sacrificing fighter, someone prepared to die for a cause), the first female self-sacrificing fighter, the first stone, the first bullet, the first male prisoner and first female prisoner.’…
In addition, he spoke of the movement’s role in educating its activists towards sacrifice, giving and devotion, saying: ‘We must fulfill the role of the self-sacrificing fighter because the self-sacrificing fighter is not only the one who carries a rifle but also the one who makes decisions, serves the nation and protects the land, honor and holy places.’
In response to statements made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who announced that there would be no return of Palestinian refugees and no Palestinian state, and who still continues to run wild [building] settlements, Tirawi -- speaking for the Fatah movement that has never forsaken the rifle, the stone and the struggle -- said that Kiryat Arba and [Gush] Etzion are not Israeli and that Nazareth, Jaffa and Haifa will remain Palestinian. [He added] that we will have a state from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea.”