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PLO calls on Israeli Arabs not to vote in Jerusalem elections

“The PLO’s Arab Relations Department called on the occupied capital’s residents to boycott the occupation municipality’s elections and oppose participating in them in any way, whether by voting or by submitting candidacy.
In a press release yesterday [Oct. 9, 2013], the department said that the Jerusalem occupation municipality is a fundamental part of the plan to settle and Judaize the city and that this matter is a distinct, basic national issue and not an issue of [giving] services that can be made use of. Likewise, it called to unite all efforts, both official and popular, in order to act with determination against any participation in these elections. The PLO said that calls to participate in these elections are a continuation of the Israeli occupation policy and expansion steps it uses against the occupied city of Jerusalem and its surroundings. This [occurs] after the struggle in the city has evolved from the ongoing struggle for land, properties, and religious and archaeological sites into a struggle for [national] awareness, identity and culture, while at the same time there is the ongoing home demolishing, uprooting the city’s original residents, carrying out an ethnic cleansing policy, implementing the Israeli curriculum in several schools, and calling on Jerusalem’s residents to do so-called ‘civil service.’”
From WAFA, official PA news agency

Note: The PLO encourages Israeli Arabs not to use their democratic right to vote in Israeli municipal elections.

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