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JPost article about PA Mufti cites PMW video of Mufti citing Hadith to kill Jews

Ariel Ben Solomon  |

Mufti of Jerusalem calls for preachers
throughout the world
to speak about Al-Aksa Mosque

by Ariel Ben Solomon

Popular Arab daily runs article stating recently deceased Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is going to hell.

Jerusalem Mufti Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, who speaks at al-Aksa Mosque, called on Sunday for preachers from all over the world to allocate part of their sermons for the upcoming holiday of Eid al-Adha this week to support Al- Aksa and remind the Islamic nation of their duty towards it.

According to a report in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm, Hussein said that the Islamic world must address the Jewish attempts to demolish al-Aksa.

In a video last year posted online by Palestinian Media Watch at an event celebrating the anniversary of the founding of Fatah, the Mufti cited a Hadith – Islamic tradition attributed to Muhammad – that says that the Resurrection will not come until you fight and kill the Jews.

Palestinians and their supporters often charge Israel with attempts to destroy the mosque. The supposed Israeli plan has echoed throughout the world Muslim media.

The popular London-based Arab daily, Al-Quds Al-Arabi, reported on Friday that Palestinian sources revealed an Israeli plan to establish a synagogue on the eastern part of the mosque.

An article in the popular Pakistan daily on Sunday, The News International, stated that “Pakistanis pledged a united struggle in defense of Al-Aksa Mosque while they observed Al-Aksa Defense Day on Friday all over the country.”

The rallies were held by the Palestine Foundation of Pakistan with the main demonstration taking place after Friday prayers outside of the Bait ul Mukarram Mosque in Karachi. Protesters carried banners reading, “Down with the US,” “Death to Israel,” and “We shall sacrifice our lives for the sake of Al-Aksa Mosque.”

Meanwhile, in an article in the London-based daily Al-Hayat by Jihad el-Khazen, he writes about the death of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, former Sephardi chief Rabbi and spiritual leader of the political Shas party, who passed away last week.

Yosef, he said, showed his thanks to the Muslims for protecting the Jews who fled to North Africa after their expulsion from Spain, by claiming that “all people must be the servants of the Jews.”

“I say: Good riddance,” said Khazen going on to state that he believes that “Yosef is now at the gates of hell, with his followers chasing after him to batter him for misleading them with his extremism and obscenity, and taking them with him to hell.”

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