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PA: 52% of Palestinian prisoners in Israel are from Fatah, 10% from Hamas

Headline: “[There are] 5,000 prisoners in occupation prisons; 52% of them are from Fatah, and 10% Hamas”
“A report issued by the [PA] Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs reported that there are 5,200 prisoners in 17 prisons, military camps, and detention centers, and that there has been an increase in arrests in recent years. From the beginning of this year [2013], 2,450 arrests have been recorded, among them 476 children and 49 female citizens.
The report explained that the number of prisoners from Fatah stands at 2,650, comprising 52% [of the total number of prisoners], among them 600 [PA] workers and military men employed by the Palestinian Authority institutions and forces; while the number of prisoners from Hamas stands at 1,100 comprising 10.4% (sic. The mistakes in calculating the percentages appear in the original Arabic. 1,100 prisoners make up 21.2% of the total number of prisoners –ed.), alongside 365 prisoners from the Popular Front, comprising 2.3%, and 250 prisoners from the other organizations and from prisoners languishing in interrogation centers, comprising 5%.”