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Murderers of Jewish civilians in 1929 are “heroes”

PA TV program Good Morning Holiday reported live on Eid Al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) in Acre. Former [Israeli Arab] Member of the Israeli Parliament and one of Acre’s Arab population leaders, Abbas Zakur:
 “This is the city for which the Acre prison is named and [for which it] became famous, in which heroes such as Muhammad Jamjoum, Fuad Hejazi and Ataa Al-Zir were hanged… We warmly thank Palestinian TV for traveling around and viewing Jaffa and Acre and Nazareth, in order to emphasize to our people that we are continuing to preserve our Arab-ness and ‘Palestinian-ness‘ and our national belonging, despite the years of occupation that have passed, more than 60 years.”

Note: Muhammad Jamjoum, Fuad Hijazi, and Ataa Al-Zir “committed particularly brutal murders [of Jews] at Safed and Hebron,” according to the report by British Government to the League of Nations. They were convicted of attacking British soldiers and murdering Jews in the 1929 Hebron Massacre, in which 65 Jews were murdered. They were executed by the British in 1930.

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