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Palestinian who tried to run over soldiers is “pure Martyr,” “murdered in cold blood”

PA TV newsreader: “Citizen Younes Ahmed Mahmoud Radaideh from the town of lower Beit Hanina died a Martyr (Shahid) east of Bir Nabala this evening, as a result of fire opened against him by occupation soldiers in one of the military bases built on the Al-Ram village’s land, north of occupied Jerusalem. Occupation forces are still holding the body of the pure Martyr… For more follow-up on the topic, member of Fatah’s Organizing Committee, Mr. Ihab Ramia joins us by telephone.”
Member of Fatah’s Organizing Committee, Ihab Ramia: “After hearing the news, we tried to reach the place where the incident occurred, but due to the strict security measures and the army blockade imposed [by Israel] on the area, we weren’t able to reach [the place] and I’m not exactly sure what happened. But according to the Israeli version, the young man, Younes Radaideh may he rest in peace, a resident of the village of Beit Hanina, broke into the base and collided with an Israeli army jeep, and wounded two Israeli soldiers, and he was murdered in cold-blood. Like we all know, the Israeli occupation doesn’t need any justification for its aggression towards the Palestinian people.”

Note: Younes Radaideh – attempted to break into an Israeli military base north of Jerusalem with a tractor in order to carry out a terror attack. He was shot and killed (Oct. 17, 2013). His brother, Mar’i Radaideh, wounded two policemen in a similar terror attack with a tractor in March 2009.

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