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Washington Times on PMW bulletin - Hitler glorificaiton in PA-associated youth magazine

Jessica Chasmar  |

Palestinian Authority magazine for kids
publishes fake words of wisdom by Adolf Hitler

by Jessica Chasmar

The children’s educational magazine Zayzafuna, sponsored by the Palestinian Authority, enlightens youngsters with Adolf Hitler’s flair by wrongly attributing 10 quotes to the diseased dictator.
The magazine, the advisory board of which includes Palestinian Authority Deputy Minister of Education Jihad Zakarneh, published in August a section titled “Among Hitler’s Sayings,” Palestinian Media Watch reported.

“If you were stabbed in the back, know that you are in front,” one quote read.

According to the report, several of the quotes appear with slight variations on “words of wisdom” websites and are either anonymous sayings or attributed to other people. For example, “Don’t argue with a fool because people won’t be able to tell you apart” has been attributed to Mark Twain; “we are all like the moon — we have a dark side” has been attributed to Lebanese writer Khalil Gibran, Palestinian Media Watch reported.

“The purpose of attributing these ‘sayings’ to Hitler, it seems, is to present Hitler as a sharp-witted and wise person,” the report said.

“This is not the first time that the PA-associated youth magazine has presented Hitler in a positive light,” Palestinian Media Watch reported. “In 2011, PMW exposed an essay in Zayzafuna that glorified Hitler and portrayed him as a role model. The essay expressed admiration for Hitler because he killed Jews — an act presented as benefiting all of humanity. In the essay, Hitler says to a Palestinian girl in her dream: ‘I killed them [the Jews] so you would all know that they are a nation which spreads destruction all over the world.’”