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Mother of terrorist says her son always asked her to pray for his Martyrdom death

PA TV News report about Muhammad Asi’s funeral:
PA TV newsreader: “Masses from the Ramallah and El-Bireh district escorted the body of Martyr (Shahid) Muhammad Asi from the Palestinian Medical Compound in Ramallah to his place of birth in Beit Lakia in the western part of the district. Occupation forces assassinated Asi yesterday [Oct. 22, 2013] when it attacked the cave he was in…”
Muhammad Asi’s mother: “He would always tell me: ‘Mother, pray for me [to attain] Martyrdom death (Shahada). Mother, pray for me [to attain] Martyrdom death. I want it. Don’t tell me to get married, I don’t want to get married, I want to get married in paradise. I want Martyrdom death mother.’”
PA TV reporter: “The Martyr’s body was carried on the shoulders of his relatives, friends and fellow villagers before being buried in the ground. And he was escorted as a Martyr to the bride who loved him and whose land he loved, she is Palestine.”
PA TV reporter: “Martyr Muhammad Asi is a summary of our people’s story and catastrophes, and he rebelled and revolted against the oppressor. He was chased and fled to the mountains to oppose the occupation. His choice and promise were: ‘Freedom with dignity or Martyrdom death under the earth.’”

Note: Muhammad Asi – one of the planners of a terror attack on a Tel Aviv bus in which approximately 30 people were wounded. The attack occurred during Israel’s Pillar of Defense operation, which was aimed at destroying Hamas’ terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip (Nov. 14-21, 2012). Asi was killed during an exchange of fire with the Israeli army forces that came to detain him on October 22, 2013.