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Jpost writer critical of Israeli policy admits importance of PMW

Gershon Baskin  |

Encountering Peace: This piece is for the Palestinians

by Gershon Baskin

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by a popular Palestinian news website with the request that I write a regular column for them... They published my first column in English and Arabic, in which I called to task those Palestinians who falsely accuse Israel of making plans to destroy al-Aksa Mosque and rebuild the Temple in its place. These accusations are extremely dangerous and could easily lead to violence [as exposed by PMW].... The issue of incitement against Israel and the Jewish people is of real, serious concern to the Israeli government and the Israeli people, and must be confronted by Palestinian leaders and by the Palestinian people.

Palestinian Media Watch is an Israeli organization that I don’t particularly like, due to its own form of incitement, which is very anti-Palestine. Nonetheless, PMW has an enormous collection of examples of incitement on their website. A lot of the official Israeli documentation of incitement comes from this source. Their website can and should by examined by all Palestinians who question Israel’s concerns about Palestinian incitement against Israel (

I know that the reality of occupation is harsh and that there is a great deal of daily suffering for Palestinians. I am very aware of the thousands of Palestinians in Israeli prisons. It is clear that every aspect of life for Palestinians is under Israeli control and domination.
There is no argument that the Palestinian people must gain their freedom and liberation from Israeli occupation. But there are many questions regarding Palestinians’ true willingness and readiness to live in lasting peace next to Israel that must be addressed.