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At funeral for terrorist, attendees call for revenge through “armed resistance” (violence)

“Thousands of enraged participants brought 25 year-old Martyr (Shahid) Muhammad Rabbah Asi to burial in the village of Beit Lakia, north-west of occupied Jerusalem, amidst calls for the political echelon to end negotiations [with Israel] and [calls] for the armed resistance brigades to avenge this assassination crime. […]
The funeral set out from the government’s Palestinian Medical Complex in the city of Ramallah, attended by District Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh Laila Ghannam…
Participants at the funeral voiced demands to end negotiations [with Israel] in light of Israel’s intentional aggression and harm [to] the Palestinian people’s lives and its legitimate rights. They demanded that the armed opposition factions respond to the incessant occupation crimes and adhere to the resistance option.”

Note: Muhammad Asi – one of the planners of a terror attack on a Tel Aviv bus in which approximately 30 people were wounded. The attack occurred during Israel’s Pillar of Defense operation, which was aimed at destroying Hamas’ terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip (Nov. 14-21, 2012). Asi was killed during an exchange of fire with the Israeli army forces that came to detain him on October 22, 2013.