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PA TV teaches kids: Devil and Jews united against Muhammad

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |
PA TV teaches children:
The Devil and the Jews are united
in hatred of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad,
in PA TV cartoon broadcast for children

Jews are not to be trusted
since they broke treaties with Muhammad

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

During Ramadan, Palestinian Authority TV broadcast an Egyptian cartoon series for children called The Raids of Prophet Muhammad.

One episode taught children that the Devil and the Jews were on the same side, both desiring the defeat of Muhammad. The cartoon shows the Devil ecstatic because he saw that the Jews who were filled with “hate and loathing” for Muhammad schemed to unite the Arab-pagan tribes to fight Muhammad.

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Another episode taught children that "Jews" do not "keep treaties." In the episode about Muhammad's "Battle of the Trench," one boy explains that Muhammad is digging a trench to protect Medina on its vulnerable northern side. Two other sides of the city are protected by "mountains, gardens and date trees," and the boy implies that the third side is also protected because "the Qurayza," a Jewish tribe, live there. The second boy asks if "the Prophet trust[s] the Qurayza?" The first boy answers that the Jews of this tribe "have a treaty" with Muhammad. The second boy's answer teaches the viewers that Jews are not to be trusted:
"Since when do Jews keep their treaties? Have you forgotten [the tribes of] Qaynuqa and Nadir?" 
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PA TV broadcast this series at the time of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

Note: Amidst the Arab pagan population of Medina, there were also three Jewish tribes. In the year 625 Muhammad exiled the Jewish Qaynuqa and Nadir tribes. Soon afterward, he captured the Qurayza tribe and had the 750 male captives decapitated and the wives and children sold into slavery. Islamic tradition justifies Muhammad’s actions, teaching that the three Jewish tribes broke treaties with Muhammad.

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The following are excerpts of the two episodes of the cartoon:

The Devil: "I've built my plan on the burning hate and loathing of Muhammad and his supporters that fills the hearts of the Jews... "
[The Devil hovers above the Jews]
Jew: "We have lost our prestige because of Muhammad..."
Leader of Jewish tribe: "We must return to Medina and harm Muhammad and his supporters... There are [Arab-Pagan] tribes that want to destroy Muhammad and the ones who want that the most are the Quraish and their allies... These tribes are not small and they have a major conflict with Muhammad. If they unite, it will be possible to destroy Muhammad."
Jew: "And then we'll return to Medina and go back to being prestigious leaders."
Jew: "A wise idea."
Leader of Jewish tribe: "So let us go to the tribes and prepare for the war with Muhammad..."
[Official PA TV, July 29, 2013]

Boy 1: "I saw Prophet [Muhammad] digging [the trench] with his hands along with the Muslims..."
Boy 2: "Where were they digging?"
Boy 1: "North of Medina."
Boy 2: "Why?"
Boy 1: "I saw Prophet [Muhammad] digging [the trench] with his hands along with the Muslims..."
Boy 2: "Where were they digging?"
Boy 1: "North of Medina."
Boy 2: "Why?"
Boy 1: "Because mountains, gardens and date trees surround Medina from all sides except for the exposed northern side where we are digging the trench and the southern side where the Qurayza (Jewish tribe) live."
Boy 2: "Does the Prophet trust the Qurayza?"
Boy 1: "They have a treaty with him [the Prophet]."
Boy 2: "Since when do Jews keep their treaties? Have you forgotten the Qaynuqa and the Nadir?"
Boy 1: "I haven't forgotten but I'm sure Allah will protect the Prophet."
[Official PA TV, July 30, 2013]
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