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Israel Hayom cites PMW material to understand Palestinian prisoners/terrorists

Nadav Shragai  |

Business as usual for Palestinian incitement

Nadav Shragai

If you truly want to know from which hateful and poisonous springs the murderers now being released drew their loathing of Jews; if you have asked yourself what causes a Palestinian, like Hazem Kassem Shbair, who is now being released from prison, to axe to death a 68-year old survivor of the Sobibor extermination camp, Bat Yam resident Issac Rotenberg -- go to the Palestinian media, their education system, their poets and singers.

Almost all of it is still there, even after the release of the murderers in the summer, and even now, before the release of the murderers in the fall. Go, for example, to the last edition of Zayzafuna, the monthly youth magazine: "If you know that you were born with a death sentence, and you go to your death without caring -- then you are a Palestinian! If your anthem is the anthem of shahada [martyrdom] and death for you is like birth -- then you are a Palestinian! If you love death and you say the shahada aloud -- then you are a Palestinian! If you have ever felt that you are an exploding body and that your soul will long one day to be a knight for the homeland -- then you are a Palestinian! If you have soaked the tree of the homeland with your free blood, with love, and have offered the remnants of your bodily parts as a bridge for those who are yet to come -- then you are a Palestinian!"

This "song of peace and love"' has been printed three times by the youth magazine, which has an advisory board including the Palestinian Authority Deputy Education Minister Jihad Zakarneh and Media Department Head at the PA Education Ministry Abd Al-Hakim Abu Jamous.

Other "heartwarming" examples of this type are not hard to find.

Go to the website Palestinian Media Watch. Look at materials from other sources. Go to the reports disseminated by the Strategic Affairs Ministry. It's business as usual for the Palestinians. There isn't even the semblance of change. The murderers are set free, while all around the "atmosphere of peace" rages on, with hatred, incitement, delegitimization of the State of Israel and the glorification of murderers and terror.

These are the texts, the clips and the lines that welcome the terrorists released by Israel as a "goodwill gesture."

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