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PA daily columnist supports view that Jews control US government and “distort public will” regarding Israel

Op-ed by Columnist for official PA daily Adel Abd Al-Rahman:
     “Former Foreign Secretary of Britain Jack Straw dropped a heavy-weight political bombshell on the Israeli ethnic cleansing state in particular and also on the forces agreeing with it and supporting it regarding the option of eliminating the peace process. [He did so] when he presented the Global Diplomatic Forum, held in the British House of Commons, with a stance that is not considered new, but rather a confirmation of something certain. He said: ‘The obstacle to making peace in the Middle East’ is ‘the unlimited Jewish funds that control the American government and Congress and distort the public will.’ In addition, he added another factor, which is, ‘the German obsession with protecting Israel.’ […]
Straw’s bombshell is worthy of the Palestinian leaders’ appreciation and praise, because it has redirected attention to the facts that the terror state leaders tried to turn upside down. And also [it is worthy of appreciation], because it comes at a time when negotiations between the two sides are being conducted, directly sponsored by the Americans and indirectly sponsored by Europe, Russia and the UN. The timeframe for it (negotiations) does not exceed nine months for reaching a two-state option within the June 4, 1967 borders.
In case the Netanyahu government turns its back on the peace option, the legitimate [Palestinian] leadership will demand that the Obama administration accept direct responsibility for the ongoing Israeli threat to a political settlement. This in turn will
lift the sword pressing on the Palestinians’ necks, [and] will lean, even just this once, towards the option of justice and the legitimate international resolutions and will turn the sword of economic, political, diplomatic and security sanctions against Israel, in order to dissuade it from clinging to the option of war.
Concurrently, the legitimate Palestinian leadership must turn to decision makers in the US and Germany and demand that they end the unjustified and illegitimate support of the State of Israel, and put an end to their (the US/German) discriminatory policy favoring its [Israel’s] sabotaging policies and work to repair its [Israel’s] reckless policies that contradict historical, current and future facts.
In addition, focus should be put on the German leadership, to pull it out of the complex that has stuck to it following what transpired in the Holocaust during the Second World War, especially since Germany has been paying dearly throughout the decades [during which] Israel was established and has remained.
As a result of this policy, the price for Nazi Germany’s savagery and crimes was collected from the Arab and Palestinian people. This is something unacceptable according to any logic or law and is unacceptable according to the values of international, human and religious law.
[Former British Foreign Secretary] Jack Straw was not saved from the Israeli leaders and he will not be saved from their anger and the screams against him, and this indeed is what happened. The Israeli media attacked him, mainly the Yediot Aharonot newspaper that accused him of ‘Antisemitism.’
This accusation is prepared in advance and directed towards anyone who lays a finger on the wound of clear-cut facts that indicate the role of the Israeli colonialist settlement state in the deliberate destruction of any ray of light pushing towards peace.”