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PA Minister: Israel “uses forgery and fabrication” to give Jerusalem a “Jewish character”

“Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and District Governor [of Jerusalem] Adnan Al-Husseini briefed Australian Representative to the Palestinian Authority Tom Wilson … on Jerusalem’s and its residents’ situation, and explained that the arbitrary steps being taken by the occupation authorities have led to a paralysis of life in the holy city. He noted that the Israeli authorities are pushing their people to the abyss with the systematic desecration of holy Islamic and Christian sites, specifically the Al-Aqsa Mosque, while obviously ignoring the significance of this holy place for more than a billion Muslims. He further said that they use forgery and fabrication methods to alter the historical and religious facts, in order to actualize their false statements about the [city’s] Jewish character…
He explained that this systematic policy aims to make the city’s original residents emigrate, [both] Muslims and Christians.”