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PA duplicity: Abbas condemns Nentanya terror attack, but the PA honors suicide bomber with monument

Headline: "The President [Abbas] strongly condemns the Netanya operation (i.e., terror attack) and instructs that those involved be pursued and indicted"
"President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the Netanya operation (i.e., terror attack) and instructed that those involved be sought out and indicted.
Yesterday the spokesman of the Presidential Office published the following statement:
'President Abbas emphasizes his strong condemnation of the terror operation which was carried out at the commercial center in the city of Netanya, today…
The President gave adamant instructions to apprehend those involved and responsible for this operation and to indict them. The President said that this terror operation against civilians causes exceedingly heavy damage to our commitment to the peace process, and the Palestinian Authority will not act forgivingly towards anyone whose involvement and responsibility for this operation is proven."

Note: The suicide bomber, Latfi Amin Abu Sa'ada, was honored as “a heroic Shahid” in a monument erected by the PA in a public square in the village of Ilar. To view, click here.

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