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Families of prisoners admit security checks during prison visits are fine

PA TV program Palestine This Morning interviewed families of released prisoners about difficulties they face when visiting family members in prison. One interviewee explained that the visits take place without any problems. Another interviewee claimed that the visits are difficult, but his only example was that he has been forced to put his shoes through a metal detector:
Interview with released murderer Osama Abu Hananeh’s family:

PA TV reporter: “Let’s talk about the [prison] visits - how you suffered... the difficulties you encountered during this long period of contacting [your brother] Osama. The permits and harassments to prisoners’ families are well known when they want to visit [relatives in prison]. What happened to you?”
Brother of released murderer Osama Abu Hananeh: “Of course, visiting was very difficult... The methods of inspection, the prison management’s behavior towards us. Of course all these things are hard. The visit was exhausting when we went through the [security] check. They would even pass our shoes through a machine.”

Interview with released prisoner Ahmad Abd Al-Aziz Qadura’s family:

PA TV reporter: “What difficulties did you encounter when you went to visit your sons? Were there any transportation problems in reaching the prisons?”
Mother of released murderer Ahmad Abd Al-Aziz Qadura: “No, by Allah, nothing. Thank Allah, we would visit them and go home.”
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Note: Osama Abu Hananeh and Ahmad Abd Al-Aziz Qadura – they and accomplices Osama Al-Silawi, and Muhammad Turkeman, murdered Motti Biton and wounded his wife Molly near Jenin in October 1992. They were sentenced to life in prison, but were released in October 2013 as part of 104 prisoners released by Israel, which was the PA's precondition for renewing negotiations.

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