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PA daily op-ed expresses intense hatred of the US

Op-ed by Osama Al-Fara:
Headline: “The American farmer’s cow”
     “America sees the Arabs as no more than a milk cow, giving its milk to others in abundance and obeying its owner’s instructions, with no right to object. It (the cow) has no will to rebel against its master, even if he treats it tyrannically and abuses it. America is no friend of the Arabs, but the Arabs have not categorized it as an enemy in order to protect themselves against its [America’s] malice…
The truth is that we hate America, but [we] treat it with friendship; we hate anyone who gets close to it, but we rush in to secretly knock on its doors; we burn its flag every time we are enraged, but apologize to it [America] for the actions of youth who are unaware of its stature; we call it ‘Satan’, but make pilgrimages to it; our blood boils when we hear it speak about human rights, but we ask it to treat us with patience; we are enraged by its actions, and then apologize to it; we hesitatingly condemn it but praise its greatness; it patronizes us, and we humble ourselves before it; it kills us day and night and we send flowers to pacify it; it throws our rights to its trash, and we stress the principle of obedience and listening to it.
Yes, we are weak in face of its power… It can bring down our presidents and determine who will rule us next, but the crystal clear truth is that its strength lies in our weakness, and that we and no one else enabled it to invade our bedrooms. It is we who requested its help to kill us… The time has come for its [the American] Arab Spring (i.e., that America planned) to rouse us from our drunken stupor and for us to understand that obeying its orders will not assure us that we will remain in our positions and that the conspiracies it weaves against us eclipse the incredible inventions (i.e., technological inventions etc.) provided by its industry.
We aren’t asked to declare war on it, boycott its products, monitor its leaders’ telephone calls, invade its citizens’ privacy or violate its airspace, as its airplanes do to us – but [we] need to have some respect, which will cause us to rise up against [our] role as the farmer’s cow, that walks around his water wheel during the day and gives him its milk at night.
This [is needed] because it has become clear to us that the American farmer, after seeing his cow’s weakness, gets rid of it and brings a different one to continue pacing [the route] he has marked for it and relinquishing all its resources to him without expecting any return for the favor. If we cannot bite its [America’s] hand, then we cannot accept it.”