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Israeli segregation aims to “eliminat[e] the Palestinian nation” and is worse than South Africa

“The Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies at Birzeit University yesterday [Oct. 31, 2013] hosted Dr. Fouad Moughrabi, former head of the Department of International Relations and Political Psychology at the American University of Tennessee… [Moughrabi] later discussed discrimination and racial segregation as it exists in Palestine and under South African apartheid. He noted that segregation in Palestine, aimed at eliminating and excluding the Palestinian nation, is worse than what was carried out in South Africa, since the aim there [in South Africa] was not to get rid of the land’s original inhabitants. Dr. Moughrabi referred to the exclusion of the native inhabitants in North America by the European settlers to the exclusion of the native inhabitants in North America by the European settlers that was accomplished by isolating them geographically in separated tribes, after which constant efforts were made to erode the local residents’ identity by integrating them into modern societies through education, at times compulsory. He also noted that American settlers signed approximately 122 peace treaties with the native inhabitants, and did not abide by a single one of them. The opposite was the case, since the aim of the treaties was to strengthen colonialism, [territorial] expansion, and control over the original population. This is precisely what is happening in Palestine, since the aim of the agreements signed by Palestinians and Israelis is to perpetuate [Israel’s] expansionist and Judaizing policies in the area.”