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Israeli curriculum in schools is part of "Judaization" policy that is "indoctrinating" Palestinian students with "loyalty to the State of Israel"

Headline: “The Israeli curriculum in schools in Arab Jerusalem”
“The decision of the Israeli Ministry of Education and the ‘Jerusalem’ Municipality to implement the Israeli curriculum in five schools in occupied Arab Jerusalem from the beginning of the current 2013-2014 school year is part of the policy to Judaize everything in this city. Just that this time, the targets of the Judaization are the people and their culture…
Forcing the Israeli curriculum on Jerusalem’s Palestinian students means indoctrinating them from a young age with Zionist ideology, Jewish religious values and loyalty to the State of Israel, while negating their Arab culture and national affiliation.
The decision to implement the Israeli curriculum complements the expropriation of land, the expansion of the settlements, the siege of the city and its isolation from its Palestinian surroundings and Arab region.
Nothing remains to be Judaized except for the places of worship, and [they are now] working to divide up Al-Aqsa or to destroy it, and to build the alleged Temple in its place.”