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Abbas representative says released murderers and head of terror cell are “giants”

     “District Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh Dr. Laila Ghannam joined the prisoners and their relatives in their joy over the [prisoners’] release, and noted that the prisoners are our cause’s arteries and its beating heart. She expressed her wishes for the release of the remaining brave prisoners and illustrious female prisoners in occupation prisons. She said that his Honor the President [Abbas] is the true guarantee for our people and its principles and that it is he who asserted time after time that there would be no agreement without our prisoners’ release and without emptying the prisons of their giants. In addition, she emphasized that his Honor [Abbas] had kept his promise through his insistence and his adhering to the prisoners’ freedom and their right to remain free men among their families and relatives without being expelled from the land that they protected. Ghannam, representing the President [Abbas] at a celebration held by the El-Bireh Youth Foundation for released prisoners Asrar Samrin and Musa Qar’an at the Salim Afandi auditoriums, stated that it is our people’s right to rejoice and it is the right of the mothers of Palestine to let the sound of their ululations reach the heavens, [sounds] which subdue the occupation and its jailors. In addition, she noted that the giants of imprisonment are the giants of the [Palestinian] struggle and our greatest pride and that they deserve loyalty from us all.
District Governor Ghannam congratulated the released prisoners in the Al-Aroub refugee camp and in the Surif village in the Hebron district. Among them [were] Ziyad Gheimat and Mustafa Amer Gheimat from the village of Surif who were imprisoned for 29 years.
Likewise, the District Governor congratulated released prisoners in the village of Safa, which is west of Ramallah, on their release after many years in prison. She noted that true joy will [only] come after the remaining prisoners are released. The District Governor stressed that our people will eventually welcome the remaining prisoners, and foremost among them fighter prisoner Muhammad Al-Tous who has begun his 29th year in the occupation prison cells. He was arrested on October 6, 1985. This [happened] after occupation forces believed they had killed all members of his Fedayeen (self-sacrificing fighter, someone prepared to die for a cause) cell. A sophisticated military ambush had been set for it (the cell) in the area of Mount Hebron and they (the military) spent all their bullets and bombs on the car in which he was riding with his cell members who fell as Martyrs (Shahids) while Al-Tous miraculously survived. During her visit to Um Shadi, prisoner Al-Tous’ wife, who had suffered a severe cerebral hemorrhage, had undergone surgery in a private hospital in Hebron and is still in very bad health, the District Governor said that the occupation is responsible for the lives of each male prisoner and female prisoner inside the prisons and is responsible for the harm caused to the prisoners’ families due to their long suffering and their wound that bleeds from sorrow and pain over their loved ones whom they miss. Likewise she noted that Al-Tous is one of the giants of defiance and that his wife, Um Shadi, serves as a model for giving and unending endurance.”

Note: Asrar Samrin – Serving a life sentence for the murder of Israeli citizen Tzvi Klein (Dec. 3,1991).
Musa Qar’an – Serving 28 years in prison for driving terrorist Asrar Samrin to the place where he murdered Israeli citizen Tzvi Klein (Dec. 3, 1991).
Ziyad Mahmoud Ghneimat and Mustafa Ghneimat were each serving a life sentence for shooting and murdering two Israeli citizens, Meir Ben Yair and Michal Cohen, in a forest on June 27, 1985. They were released in October 2013, among the 104 prisoners to be released by Israel, which was the PA's precondition for renewing negotiations.
Muhammad Al-Tous is a Fatah terrorist, serving a life sentence. He led a cell that attacked five civilian buses, wounding 16 people. He also gave the orders to murder three people, and was involved in the murders of an additional two. He has been imprisoned since 1985.