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Palestinian journalist "violently" arrested for "foul language and contempt" on radio station

‎“The Palestinian Police in Bethlehem ‎arrested the director of the Bethlehem ‎‎2000 radio station, journalist George ‎Kanawati, in his home in Beit Sahour on ‎Sunday evening. Witnesses reported that ‎journalist Kanawati was arrested ‘violently’ ‎and in an unacceptable manner, after his ‎home was entered and searched in ‎keeping with a subpoena issued by the ‎Palestinian Prosecutor General…‎
On this issue, the [Police’s] Public ‎Relations and Information Commissioner ‎Luay Zreiqat said that the arrest was ‎carried out according to an order issued by ‎the prosecutor’s representative in ‎Bethlehem, on charges of foul language ‎and contempt on Kanawati’s weekly ‎program.”‎

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