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Arafat's Deputy: Palestinian state first stage in replacing Israel

Othman Abu Arbiah, Arafat’s aide for Political Guidance and national affairs, and Director-General for National Affairs, a senior position in the Palestinian national educational structure:
“... At this stage we’ll prevail in our struggle [toward] the goals of the stages [plan]. The goal of this stage is the establishment of the independent Palestinian State, with its capital in Jerusalem. When we achieve this, it will be a positive [step] and it will advance us to the next stage via other ways and means... ‘Every Palestinian must know clearly and unequivocally that the independent Palestinian State, with Jerusalem as its capital is not the end of the road. The [rise of] the Palestinian State is a stage after which there will be another stage, and that is the democratic state in all of Palestine [i.e. in place of Israel].”