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Fatah spokesman brags about Fatah members serving life terms

Fatah spokesman brags about more Fatah members serving life terms than from other Palestinian factions and maintains that armed resistance is still an option.
"During a press conference held yesterday evening, Monday [Nov. 11, 2013] with a delegation of Egyptian journalists visiting Ramallah…
[Official Fatah spokesman Ahmad] Assaf said: ‘We will not give up our options, which are popular resistance, armed [resistance], negotiations and then political options. However, we will not defeat Israel by a knockout because we don’t have a nuclear bomb, but we will get ahead on points and in negotiations until they are concluded at the end of this coming March [2014].’…
He noted that Fatah will remain the National Liberation Movement and it has three options to which it adheres: ‘Armed resistance, popular resistance and negotiations.’
Assaf explained that the prisoners’ number has reached 5,000. 65% of them are Fatah members. 700 have been sentenced to life in prison. He noted that of these 700 – 500 are Fatah members and that they were sentenced [to life in prison] because they did not abandon their national principles and continued the struggle against the Israeli occupation. He said that throughout history Fatah sacrificed two thirds of all Martyrs (Shahids) from Palestinian movements.”