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Palestinian Journalists' Syndicate achieves release of journalist held in violation of freedom of speech

‎“The Bethlehem Magistrate’s Court ‎postponed the examination of the two ‎lawsuits filed against George Kanawati, ‎the director of the Bethlehem 2000 radio ‎station, to the second of next month ‎‎[December 2013]. The efforts invested by ‎the [Palestinian] Journalists’ Syndicate ‎were crowned [with success] two nights ‎ago [Nov. 11, 2013] with the release of ‎Kanawati, who appeared in court [as it] ‎was discussing the lawsuit filed against ‎him by the Bethlehem District Police ‎Chief, the legal officer Alaa Al-Shalabi ‎, ‎on charges of foul language and ‎contempt, in addition to an additional ‎lawsuit filed by the Security [Forces] ‎personnel, who accused Kanawati of ‎attacking them as he was being arrested ‎at his home on Sunday evening [Nov. 11, ‎‎2013].‎
The Journalists’ Syndicate postponed its ‎sit-down strike in front of the Bethlehem ‎District Police Center, which it had called ‎‎[to hold] yesterday morning [Nov. 12, ‎‎2013], after the success of its efforts to ‎bring about Kanawati’s release. Several ‎journalists, meeting in the building of the ‎Bethlehem 2000 radio station last night, ‎condemned any steps taken against ‎journalists regarding freedom of speech.”‎