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Fatah “solidarity vigil” glorifies murderer who stabbed and choked man to death

“Rami Barbakh from the Khan Yunis district is beginning his 20th year behind Israeli occupation bars. He is considered to be one of the most veteran prisoners arrested before the Oslo Accords were implemented in 1994. Barbakh was born in 1967 and was arrested on his birthday, in October 1994. To mark the event, the central branch of the National Palestinian Liberation Movement, Fatah, in Khan Yunis organized yesterday evening [Oct. 13, 2013] a solidarity vigil in front of prisoner Rami Barbakh’s home in Khan Yunis, which is in the Southern Gaza Strip... Commissioner of Prisoners and Released Prisoners in Fatah’s Leadership Council in the Gaza Strip, released prisoner Tayseer Al-Bardini praised the prisoner and his family’s resolve, and emphasized the efforts [being made] to gain the prisoners’ release. In the speech by the central branch of Fatah in Khan Yunis, branch secretary Haidar Al-Qudra said: ‘We came today to a home that represents not only the Palestinian story, but also its details. A story of Nakba (i.e., “the catastrophe,” Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel), arrests, expulsion, imprisonment, Martyrs’ (Shahids’) deaths and prolonged expectation.’ He added: ‘Prisoner Rami is considered one of the veteran prisoners who were arrested before the Oslo Accords were implemented in 1994. We await the release of all our heroes, pursuant to the latest agreement, seeing that there are [to be] another three groups, after the first group [released on] Aug. 14, 2013 that included 26 prisoners.’ … It should be noted that prisoner Rami has two Martyr brothers – Sami and Sabber, and he is sentenced to life in prison.”
From WAFA, official PA news agency

Note: Rami Barbakh – serving one life sentence for stabbing and choking Israeli citizen Yossi Zandini to death (March 30, 1994).