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Palestinians created culture in the land 6,500 years ago

PA TV program Palestine This Morning interviewed Activities Coordinator at the An-Najah National University’s Faculty of Humanities, Dr. Jaber Khdeir about the Museum of Folklore and Ancient Tools that was built under the university’s auspices.
 Dr. Jaber Khdeir: “The Israeli occupation is trying to steal this [Palestinian] heritage. Trying to steal the Palestinian land and the [identity of the] the Palestinian man. And we tell everyone that the land of Palestine [is] the land where, first of all, human culture was born. In this way we tell the Israeli occupier: ‘You have no legacy in this land, you have no existence in this land. We, the Palestinians, built this land, built these cities. The Palestinian human being is a creator of industry, a creator of agriculture, a creator of cities, and creator of culture. The agriculture was created in Palestine. The first ten cities built in the world are in Palestine.’ That is why we say that it is the Palestinian human being who created this culture 6,500 years ago. These Jews have no existence on this Palestinian land. They were passers-by and they will continue to be passers-by.”