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PA minister: Israel floods Jerusalem with drugs and threatens “stability of entire world”

“Minister of Social Affairs Kamal Al-Sharafi warned of the effects of the occupation’s racist policy in Jerusalem, and of its influence on a future peace and on the stability of the region and the entire world.
In an address before the Fourth Islamic Conference of Ministers in Charge of Childhood that took place in Azerbaijan’s capital city of Baku, Al-Sharafi said that Israel is implementing a policy of ethnic cleansing in the Holy City, and is continuing its efforts to Judaize the city and to alter its historic Arab Islamic-Christian character… [Israel] continues to provoke the feelings of hundreds of millions of Muslims and Christians on a daily basis through its attempts to divide the Al-Aqsa Mosque between Muslims and Jews, to desecrate other sites holy to Christianity and Islam, and to refuse entry to millions of Palestinians [who want to visit] their holy city and their cultural, spiritual, and political capital. Al-Sharafi reviewed… [Israel’s] attempts to flood the city with social ills such as drugs, in addition to its impairing PA and civil attempts to deal with [troubled] children and families.”