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Child’s drawing of Al-Aqsa mosque: “No Jews Allowed”

Headline: “Gaza’s children demand their human rights through their drawings and sports”
“The children of Gaza yesterday [Nov. 20, 2013] chose their drawings, their paper ships, their sports and their nationalistic songs to express their human rights as guaranteed by international conventions. [This took place] on Universal Children’s Day, as part of a number of special activities held yesterday in Gaza to mark this global event.
Scores of school children and kindergarten children participated in a special event organized yesterday by the University College of Applied Sciences at the Port of Gaza. The children were given the opportunity to participate through drawing and through making paper ships and sending them out to sea, as a means of demanding their right to freedom of movement and an end to the siege.
The event bore the slogan ‘The Call of Palestine’s Children,’ as declared by Shaymaa Shaaban, a lecturer in the Department of Culture at University College, who also stressed that talented children were chosen so that they would express their rights, and that the focus was [on] children from kindergarten age through fifth grade…
Young Baraa Sbeih drew a house with a Palestinian flag on it as well as another drawing of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, with the words ‘No Jews Allowed’ on it.”

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