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PA daily columnist: The US purposefully stokes conflict in Arab world

By columnist for official PA daily Adel Abd Al-Rahman: 
     “The American objectives do not amount to neutralizing the Iranian nuclear issue – it [the US] has more long-term objectives, which are included in many scenarios of rebuilding the New Middle East.
The American viewpoint was reinforced after the dramatic changes in the Arab Republic of Egypt, following the second revolution this past June 30 [2013], which were detrimental to the success of American-Israeli plans. Therefore, the American government resorted to the political option in its dealing with the Iranian nuclear issue, not only because of the crises shaking the American economy, but because the Obama administration believes that the ethnic bomb (i.e., the Sunni-Shiite conflict) is much greater and deeper (i.e., more effective) than a nuclear bomb.
For this reason, the US is not interested in entering a war with Iran, because the results of such a war would be the opposite of American strategic objectives. This, because it will deepen hostility between the Iranian people and the West in general, and the US specifically. And so, the fire of ethnic conflicts will be extinguished. [Conflicts] which the US invested fervent and costly efforts to ignite in Iraq – between the Republic of Iran and the Sunni-Arab States of the [Persian] Gulf [in particular], and states of the Arab world in general – in order to facilitate the process of ripping them to shreds and drawing their map in a way that will suit its [America’s] vital interests and Israel’s occupation interests.
The Iranian nuclear bomb issue was easy to reshape in a way that suited the West’s interests. But losing the outcomes of the two wars, which the US conducted against Afghanistan and Iraq -- through which it lit the fuse of ethnic conflicts, a matter in which Iran had a prominent role, especially in Iraq, as it provided the US and the ethnic-Iraqi opposition with strategic services for overthrowing President Saddam Hussein’s regime -- is something the US cannot allow.
For this reason, it [the US] resorted to the political option, in order to lessen hostility against it in Iran – and this is in fact what has happened, because the officials put an end to slogans against the American Satan – and also in order to keep Iran in its control.
However, at the same time, it [Iran] constitutes an ethnic and national danger to all nations in the Arab region, especially the Gulf states. This has enraged Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain and affected their alliance with the US. This conflict and this bomb are what the American regime desired, because the ethnic and religious bomb’s continued existence is more important than uranium enrichment, and this is what Israel has yet to understand.”