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PLO Committee member advocates going straight to UN rather than participating in peace talks

“PLO Central Committee Member Hanan Ashrawi called to prepare to turn to the UN without waiting for the peace negotiations with Israel to fail. In an interview on the [official PA ] Voice of Palestine radio station, Ashrawi said that ‘Israel defied the Americans, in that it promised them to slow [the pace] of building in the settlements, but has accelerated it. Therefore, we should turn to the UN.’ She added: ‘In my opinion we should have turned to the UN before American Secretary of State John Kerry began his initiative, because Israel is taking advantage of this process to intensify the settlement,’ referring to projects to construct thousands of units in settlements since negotiations were renewed last July [2013].’
Ashrawi declared: ‘We should support joining international treaties and organizations to ensure our rights. We should begin this now.’
Similarly, she said: ‘I am of the opinion that we must at least lodge a complaint, and this is different from requesting membership. We should begin this now.’”