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Hamas promotes class for high school students teaching military-type training

Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)  |
Al-Jadeed TV narrator: “The Abu Dhar Al-Ghifari High School bell rings for the valor class. Valor class is the name given by the [Hamas] Ministry of Education for this new subject of study that was added to high school activities. The program includes physical training and learning methods of self-defense, methods of civil defense and semi-military skills.”

Abu Dhar Al-Ghifari High School principal, Khaled Hashish: “This is physical training that is akin to military training but has nothing to do with the army. Our schools are not associated with the army even if this training exists, [training] which teaches the youth to be strong, noble of spirit, work hard and be active.”

Al-Jadeed TV narrator: “The Ministry of Education of the Hamas Movement says this program started during President Yasser Arafat’s time but was not implemented due to Israeli opposition. This is the second year of the implementation of the program that started out as an elective [class] and became mandatory.”

Abu Dhar Al-Ghifari High School student: “The valor class program is an excellent program. It gives you complete self-confidence. You learn everything in it – how to be a man, all the meanings of self-defense, anything that comes to your mind.”

Another Abu Dhar Al-Ghifari High School student: “[In the class] we learn practical lessons and theoretical lessons. In the theoretical lessons we learn things like first aid. If something happens to someone from the class, we know what to do if there isn’t an adult.”

Al-Jadeed TV reporter or narrator: “The valor class program, which has become a daily activity for all students in boys’ high schools, is carried out with coordination between the [Hamas] Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the Interior. According to them, its purpose is to vent the negative energy that builds up in these youth because of the violence that surrounds them.”

Al-Jadeed TV narrator: “Those in charge of the program deny they are attempting to turn the schools into military [schools] as circulated by Western and Israeli media. The matter is much simpler and the weapons with which the students train is merely made of wood.”

Father of a student at the Abu Dhar Al-Ghifari High School:
“This is something basic that every student needs to learn. A young child who is educated correctly will continue in this path. He grows up and stays with this knowledge. This knowledge isn’t forgotten and it is rooted in the Palestinian people.”

Al-Jadeed TV narrator:
“The program is apparently an implementation of a famous statement by Minister of the Interior in Gaza who said that he is working to raise the level of manliness, but now they are seriously considering implementing the program in girls’ schools [as well]. However, due to a lack of female instructors and the society’s conservative nature, this implementation is being delayed.”

Posted on YouTube Nov. 24, 2013