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Hamas TV: Cuddly bee teaches children to go with the gun, not negotiations

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |
Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas) children's program Tomorrow's Pioneers.
Child host Lin: “Greetings from the children of Jerusalem to you, greetings from the children of Haifa and Acre, greetings from the girls of Nablus and Hebron, greetings from the children of the Negev, greetings from wounded Gaza and from its Martyr (Shahid) children, from Tel Al-Rabia (i.e., Tel Aviv), from Khan Younis, from Rosh HaNikra and Jenin, greetings from Palestine’s children to the world’s children.”
Child host Lin to bee character Nahul: “Okay Nahul, today I want to teach you [about] and introduce you to the word ‘negotiation.’”
Nahul the bee: “What’s that?”
Child host Lin: “The negotiation.”
Nahul the bee: “How nice. That tastes really good. I eat negotiation twice a day. I put it on a plate and I drink a bottle of 7 Up. How nice. That tastes really good.”
Child host Lin: “Can you eat it?”
Nahul the bee: “Yes. I mean, what is it?”
Child host Lin: “You can’t eat it.”
Nahul the bee: “Oh. What is it?”
Child host Lin: “Negotiation is a word that children hear but they don’t understand its meaning.”
Nahul the bee: “All right then, let’s start.”
Child host Lin: “Negotiation, Nahul, means that we and the Zionists will become friends. It means we’ll forgive them for the blood of all the Martyrs who died.”
Nahul the bee: “Impossible.”
Child host Lin: “It means that Jerusalem, half will be for us and half for them. And of course this is only if they agree.”
Nahul the bee: “You mean, Lin, that a Jew will come and pray next to me and I’ll pray with him? No. That’s impossible.”
Child host Lin: “Negotiation means that we stop the Jihad fighters, torture them and kill them. It means that 90% of Palestine, which is our land, will be the Jews’ and not ours.”
Nahul the bee: “No. I don’t agree. Impossible.”
Child host Lin: “Are you with them or with the resistance?”
Nahul the bee: “Am I with the negotiation or with the resistance?”
Child host Lin: “Yes.”
Nahul the bee: “Lin, I’m with the bang bang (indicates a gun with his hands). But don’t tell anyone.”
Child host Lin: “Meaning with whom? The resistance?”
Nahul the bee: “Bravo. Applause for Lin.”
Child host Lin: “Well done Nahul.”

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