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Israel is “the state that carries out acts that are more despicable than Nazi racism!”

By PA daily columnist and member of the Fatah Leadership Committee in Gaza Yahya Rabah:
“A despicable figure of an oppressive occupation”
“Israel is the last remaining model of colonialism as well as the last remaining model of the apartheid state, despicable racism and tales that seem like dark fairytales and it can no longer create natural connections or a positive and open leadership.
Israel hates everyone and patronizes everyone. It does not recognize the rights of its Arab citizens or the rights of its Palestinian neighbors and treats its Arab Jews ‘the Mizrahi (eastern) [Jews]’ and its African, Falash Mura Jews – who one day donated blood units and were surprised to discover the next day that they were thrown out – as second- and third-class citizens.
Israel lives contrary to history and outside of history. It does not recognize international or humane law or the legitimate international resolutions and has not noticed that, since the previous century, the entire world agreed to eradicate colonialism. From ‘the state of those who suffered Nazi persecution,’ it became ‘the state that carries out acts that are more despicable than Nazi racism!’ Therefore, being doomed to extremism, settlement and racism, it pushes itself to the inevitable end.”