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PA pays unemployed prisoners a salary of 7.5 million shekels a month

PA Minister of Prisoners' Affairs Issa Karake: "[Unemployment] is a problem for thousands of male and female prisoners... The law approved by the Palestinian Parliament in 2004 determined that a male prisoner who spends more than 5 years and a female prisoner who spends more than 3 years [in prison] - in case they cannot find a job - can receive the fixed monetary allowance until they find a job. This applies of course to thousands of released prisoners... The maximum amount of the allowance is around 2,000 shekels... The fixed salary is not a loan... This is a salary. True, it's low, but I'll give you a number: 7.5 million shekels (~ $2.1 M.) a month is what we will pay to unemployed released prisoners. 7.5 million shekels every month."

Note: PA minimum wage is 1,450 shekels ($414) a month. The 2,000 shekels ($571) for released prisoners is 38% higher than the minimum wage.