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PA Council: Israel plans to turn Al-Aqsa Mosque into a Jewish synagogue

‎“The [PA’s] Islamic-Christian Council for ‎Support of Jerusalem and the Holy Sites ‎said yesterday [Dec. 3, 2014] that the ‎break-in to the Al-Aqsa plazas by 35 ‎settlers and the barring of the 1948 ‎Palestinians (i.e., Israeli Arabs) from ‎entering the Mosque until the extremists ‎finished their break-ins to the Mosque’s ‎plazas and the performance of their ‎Talmudic rites is a flagrant violation of the ‎Al-Aqsa Mosque’s holiness. [This is being done] in preparation for the ‎realization of their false Jewish claims by ‎turning the Mosque into a Jewish ‎synagogue, in which to perform prayers ‎and Talmudic rites at the expense of the ‎Mosque’s Islamic civilization and history.”‎

Note:‎ The PA considers any presence of Jews ‎on the Temple Mount a “break-in”. ‎However, all visitors are subject to rigorous ‎checks by Israeli security personnel before ‎being granted access to the Temple ‎Mount.‎

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