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Dutch parliament reconsiders aid to the PA, based on PMW documentation

Stop rewarding Palestinian terrorists with aid money, Dutch Parliament says

The Dutch Parliament has called on the Dutch government to pressure the Palestinian Authority (PA) to stop giving Palestinian terrorists aid money.

According to research complied by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), Palestinian terrorists who spend more than five years in Israeli prisons continue receiving money even after their release. Much of the money comes from aid funds provided by European Union nations. An unpublished report by the European Court of Auditors detailed how EU aid to the Palestinians has been “misspent, squandered or lost to corruption” to the tune of 1.95 billion euros between 2008 and 2012, The Sunday Times reported in October.

After the U.K. and Norway inquired about the PA aid terrorists, the PA admitted its law originally stated it was paying “salaries,” called “ratib.” Following the inquiries, the PA changed its description of the aid to “la’ana,” meaning “assistance.”

“This is very rewarding to see that the Netherlands is following Norway in demanding a change in the PA. If these and other countries, including Britain, which are pressuring the PA about its support for terror will follow through with concrete financial actions—that will give a strong message to the PA. The PA will finally have to choose: Either the PA will continue be a terror-supporting entity ostracized and isolated by the Western world, or a terror-fighting entity and peace partner for Israel. It is time that Western counties who support the PA financially demand that the PA make this choice," Itamar Marcus, director of PMW, told