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PA minister lies to Europeans: Israel spreads drugs among Palestinian youth

‎ “Participants of the Dunkirk +10 Forum, ‎held in the French capital, Paris ‎, ‎towards the end of last month [November ‎‎2013] under the auspices of French ‎President François Hollande and in the ‎presence of hundreds of representatives ‎from European, Palestinian and Arab ‎local authorities, were surprised by the ‎extent of the Israeli human rights ‎violations in Palestine, and in Jerusalem ‎in particular… [PA Minister of Jerusalem ‎Affairs and Jerusalem District Governor ‎Adnan Al-Husseini] said in a special ‎interview about this convention, that he ‎had presented the participants with facts, ‎data and numbers clarifying the extent of ‎the planned Israeli policies for Jerusalem, ‎which are aimed at expelling the Muslim ‎and Christian residents of Jerusalem, ‎Judaizing it [Jerusalem] and falsifying its ‎history…‎
In addition, he emphasized the policies of ‎the racist occupation that imposes unfair ‎taxes without providing minimal services ‎for the [tax] paying residents of Jerusalem, ‎bars thousands of children and youth ‎from entering entertainment venues, ‎playgrounds and public libraries and ‎encourages their degradation by ‎facilitating the sale and distribution of ‎drugs among the young men and women ‎of Jerusalem.”‎