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PA deducts benefits from salaries of 12,000 Gaza civil servants who weren't working

Headline: “Deductions from salaries of 12,000 civil servants: Ministry of Finance explains the reason, and some demand they be eliminated”
“Civil servants complained about sums that were deducted from their salary, which was paid on Thursday. Citizen Abu Muhammad said bitterly, while standing in front of a bank in Gaza: ‘I was surprised that 500 shekels were deducted from my salary without my knowing why.’ One of the other civil servants speculated that these deductions are probably [the termination of] Directors’ bonuses and travel expense reimbursements… A [PA] Ministry of Finance announcement was released this evening, stating that in accordance with President Mahmoud Abbas’ instructions, the Ministry of Finance has stopped paying Directors’ bonuses and travel expense reimbursements to civil servants who are not working, in Gaza and the [West] Bank, and who therefore do not meet the conditions stipulated in the civil service law and the amendments to the law and the regulations that were made to implement it.
[PA] Minister of Finance Dr. Shukri Bishara said: ‘Savings have been introduced [by decreasing] travel expense reimbursements in a way that will not harm the civil servant’s base salary in any way.”