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PA official commemorates head of the terror organization PFLP

“District Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh Laila Ghannam laid a wreath… on Martyr (Shahid) Abu Ali Mustafa’s grave on the anniversary of the founding of the Popular Front [for the Liberation of Palestine].
Ghannam asserted: ‘Our people and our leadership adhere to the principles for which our pure Martyrs died.’ She noted the ‘pioneering role and path of struggle replete [with action] of Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa, who is not physically [among us] but remains [with us] through his philosophy, history and admirable struggle.’ […]
She said that it is our nation’s right to take pride in the legacy of struggle and in the admirable lives of the historical leaders.”

Note: Abu Ali Mustafa - Secretary-General of the terror organization Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP). The PFLP, which rejected the Oslo Accords (1993), has planned and carried out numerous terror attacks against Israeli civilians since its founding in 1967 and throughout the Palestinian terror campaign between 2000-2005 (the Intifada).