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New radio station for kids meant to “oppose” Israel’s “ugliness and violence”

“The Alrowwad Culture and Theater Society launched the first Palestinian radio station for children, the ‘194 pioneers,’ which is the number of the resolution dealing with the right of return of the Palestinian refugees that was adopted by the UN on December 11, 1948. This is the first radio station of its kind in terms of its cultural programs… and the children themselves run it. District Governor of Bethlehem Abd Al-Fattah Hamayel welcomed this pioneering idea in Palestine…
Director of The Alrowwad Society, Abd Al-Fattah Abu Srour, stated that the idea to establish the first radio station for children in Palestine, which the children will run on their own, is the extension of a beautiful idea for opposing the occupation’s ugliness and violence and that this gives the children an opportunity to express themselves without anyone’s intervention.”