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PA daily columnist praises exhibit honoring bomber who killed 21 people

By Adli Sadeq, PLO Ambassador to India and regular columnist for official PA daily:
“Our snow in the [West] Bank gladdens us – without the sounds of the music from the ‘Snow White and the Madness of Truth’ [art installation] having left us. [The art installation] was presented by Swedish Dror Feiler and his wife Gunilla, a Jew and his wife, who surpassed the Arabs by a thousand miles of courage when they brought to a museum in their country a musical piece (i.e., Bach’s Cantata 199) about the story of Hanadi Jaradat’s Martyrdom death, which most of us have forgotten.
In the exhibit, there was a rectangular swimming pool whose waters were the color of blood on which floated Hanadi’s boat bearing the words of her tale, while cold snow surrounded the rectangle.
A glance at the snow’s whiteness – to calm the spirit and for the joy that is in memory – was offset by the bleeding sailing in the reality of life, and Hanadi’s voice, with the church melody [in the background,] calling: ‘They made my heart swim in blood, and because this blood is the brood of my sins in God’s holy eyes, sailing in it allows the weak to terrify the hearts of its enemies.’”

Note: The writer refers to an art installation in Sweden in 2004 that showed suicide terrorist Hanadi’s picture on a small boat called Snow White that sailed in water the color of blood.
Hanadi Jaradat - One of the first female Palestinian suicide terrorists. Her bomb in restaurant Maxim in Haifa in 2003 killed 21 people and injured 51.
Translation of Bach’s Cantata 199 ‘Mein Herze schwimmt im Blut’ (‘My heart swims in blood’) that was played in the installation:
“My heart swims in blood
because the brood of my sins
in God's holy eyes
makes me into a monster.”