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Prisoner claims prison doctor "tried to murder him in cold blood"

‎“Prisoner Alaa ‎ Al-Hams from Rafah ‎confirmed that a doctor in the Eshel prison ‎clinic tried to murder him in cold blood. Al-‎Hams said the prison doctor lifted him ‎high up, and [then] threw him on the ‎ground several times while he and those ‎with him laughed, cursed and screamed. ‎This prompted the prisoner accompanying ‎him to attempt to strike them…‎
A human rights organization that defends ‎prisoners in the occupation prisons noted ‎that prisoner Al-Hams had sent them a ‎letter stating that he was still suffering ‎from strong pain in his abdomen and very ‎low blood pressure and that the Eshel ‎prison doctor refused to help him, mocked ‎him and his pain and told him he was a ‎liar who was not suffering from any pain. ‎
Even though the prisoner had described ‎the nature of his pain and the medication ‎necessary [to alleviate it], the doctor ‎refused to listen to him and continued to ‎mock him until the prisoner was stricken ‎with spasms in his legs, hands and face… ‎the doctor was [then] forced to help him ‎and conduct the necessary tests…‎
It should be noted that sick prisoner Al-‎Hams (35) from Rafah, is married and has ‎four children. He has been in prison since ‎‎2009 and has been sentenced to 18 years ‎for attempting to kidnap a soldier.”‎

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