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Official PA daily denies ancient Jewish connection to Israel while falsely claiming ancient Palestinian heritage

Op-ed by Dr. As’ad ‎ Abd Al-Rahman, ‎regular columnist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida

‎     “The debate surrounding the identity of ‎the ‘State of Israel’ and the identity of its ‎citizens since its establishment in 1948 is ‎still ongoing, and ‘Israel’ may well be the ‎only [country] in the world that refuses to ‎grant its name as a national identity to its ‎citizens.‎
The real reasons for the disagreement in ‎Israel about a citizenship that would ‎define the national identity of the state ‎and its citizens, from among the national ‎identities offered – Israeli, Jewish and ‎Hebrew – arise from huge historical, legal ‎and religious obstacles, which prevent ‎Israeli identity from being used as the ‎national identity of the Zionist state and its ‎citizens… ‎

According to the Bible, at no time had ‎there ever been a province or a kingdom ‎called the Kingdom of Israel… In addition, ‎according to the Bible, the title ‘Jewish’ ‎refers to a person belonging to the tribe of ‎‎‘Judah’, one of the twelve sons of Jacob… ‎the Arab Bedouin tribe of Judah preserved ‎the ‘monotheistic religion of Abraham,’ ‎and instead of naming the religion after ‎the prophet Abraham or the prophet ‎Moses, who received the Torah, the tribe ‎of Judah decided to name the ‎monotheistic religion of Abraham after the ‎tribe, which is how the name ‘Judaism’ ‎became the [name of the] religion of the ‎tribe of Judah. From this point [on], a Jew ‎had to be a descendant of the tribe of ‎Judah, and, from the Bible’s point of view, ‎‎‘Judaism’ became a religious identity ‎restricted to the tribe of Judah alone. But, ‎as we know, not all citizens of the Zionist ‎state are descendants of the Arab ‎Bedouin tribe of Judah!‎

‎[The notion of] Jewish identity was ‎confuted by the great scientific truth, ‎ which caused a huge storm lately, ‎taking the Orthodox Ashkenazi community ‎around the world, and especially in Israel, ‎completely off guard, when an ‎examination of the origins of the ‎Ashkenazim, carried out through genetic ‎analysis, scientifically revealed that the ‎European Ashkenazi Jews, who adopted ‎the Jewish religion in the 7th century CE, ‎are from the Aryan race, and have no ‎connection to [the] Semites.‎

They came from the roots of their Aryan, ‎European mothers, without any ‎genealogical connection to the prophets ‎Abraham and Israel/Jacob. Therefore, it is ‎absolutely inappropriate that Jewish ‎citizenship is the identity of the Zionist ‎state and its citizens, since it doesn’t ‎include the Ashkenazim under its banner. ‎

Therefore, the only possibility left is a ‎Hebrew identity. However… the only true ‎Hebrews in the Zionist state are the ‎Jewish Arabs, the Christian Arabs and the ‎Muslim Arabs, the sons and descendants ‎of the prophet Abraham. This is what ‎makes the Hebrew identity of the state ‎inappropriate, since it too excludes the ‎Ashkenazim.‎

This means that Zionism, which was ‎founded with the aim of creating a state ‘of ‎Jewish citizenship,’ has become null and ‎void following the invalidation of the three ‎identities – Israeli, Jewish and Hebrew. ‎The Oriental Talmud of the Oriental Jews ‎who converted the Ashkenazim from their ‎pagan religion to Judaism, is the ‎‎‘Palestinian Talmud, [or] Jerusalem ‎Talmud.’ ‎

This Talmud was written thousands of ‎years ago, ‘in the ancient Palestinian ‎Jewish Aramaic language,’ meaning the ‎language of the Canaanite Palestinians. ‎It’s enough for us to know that the name ‎of the Israeli newspaper, The Jerusalem ‎Post, was, from its founding in 1932 until ‎the establishment of the Zionist state in ‎‎1948, The Palestine Post. The same goes ‎for the official, international name of the ‎British government, which was ‘the British ‎Mandate for Palestine!’”‎

Note: As explained in PMW''s book Deception, Betraying the Peace Process, "Palestine" was a political name imposed by the Romans to define the land and was later adopted by the British. Various populations living in the land have identified themselves as "Palestinians," including 20th century Jewish Zionists. For this reason, Jews of Palestine originally called their newspaper The Palestine Post. There is no ancient document or archaeological find that hints at a Palestinian Arab nation .