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Dear Donors: Thanks for PMW’s amazing year

Dear PMW Donors and Supporters,

PMW thanks you for facilitating an amazing 2013
with accomplishments that will have long term impact.

With your support
PMW is changing the international debate

Dutch Parliament Resolution passed last month:
"The [Dutch] parliament... noting that since 2011 the Palestinian Authority has been giving money to convicted Palestinians in Israeli prisons... calls on the [Dutch] Government in its contacts with the Palestinian Authority to demand it stop this support..."
British Parliament:
MP Henderson: "A culture of hate has wormed its way into the very fibre of Palestinian society... No peace agreement will be able to guarantee peace... if a generation of Palestinians is growing up indoctrinated to hate Israel, Jews and the West."
Norwegian Parliament:
MP Morten Høglund: "We must use the power we have, and as a major donor to the PA, we must fight fire with fire and say that we will stop the aid unless the PA takes immediate action to stop this type of hate message."
Four Norwegian opposition parties signed this statement, just before they won the recent elections:
"[We] find it unacceptable that Norwegian money goes directly or indirectly to fund financial aid for terrorists."
After their election victory these parties formed a new government and significant changes in Norwegian policy are expected.

Danish Parliament:
MP Søren Espersen to Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal: "Norway has started [investigating its funding of the PA], the UK has started... What will the Foreign Minister do to ensure us that our money is spent on [the intended] purpose, and not on terrorists?"
Swedish Parliament proposed legislation*
"Sweden and the EU cannot justify paying sizeable financial aid to the PA without requiring... that the PA immediately cease ... financing terrorist activities and rewarding terrorists imprisoned in Israel. Therefore Sweden is suspending aid to PA." *This proposed legislation did not pass.

The Wall Street Journal summed up one example of PMW impact in Europe:
"A report by Palestinian Media Watch recently revealed that British taxpayers have been paying salaries to terrorists... Many British taxpayers, struggling to pay their family's way through a recession, might rightly wonder why their money is going to pay as much as £2,000 a month to people serving the longest sentences." [Wall Street Journal Europe, Oct. 25, 2012]
All this international activity
to end Palestinian hate and terror promotion
is a result of PMW reports and activities

And it is not only in Europe that PMW is impacting...

Australia MP praises PMW impact:
After Australian MPs spent a week in Israel meeting senior government officials and important Israeli organizations, an MP wrote to PMW:
"Keep up the good work. I am massively pro-Israel but some of the others were very undecided and uninformed before they came here. Your performance did more to sway them than any other person we spoke to."

US Congress
Based on PMW material, different pieces of legislation are being proposed: one that will condition US funding on the PA's taking steps against incitement and one limiting aid to the PA because of PA payments to terrorists.

These parliamentary actions are just the beginning:
There is much more that can be accomplished

 Israeli TV recently celebrated PMW's success in Norway.
Click for must view video

Israeli TV opened interview with the words:
"I think we should give you [PMW]
a small or even a big Israel Prize"
and ended with the words:
"Thank you for all you are doing for the Jewish people."


Dear Donor and Friend:
Please continue to enable PMW successes -
If you are not yet a supporter, please join
If possible - increase your support.

About PMW:
PMW is not just a "media watch"

PMW now:
1- monitors PA leadership, activities, education, culture, sports and media,
2- analyzes findings and writes in-depth reports,
3- documents how foreign aid is funding a PA world of hate and terror,
4- brings findings, analyses and conclusions to governments, parliaments and US Congress

Contribution information
Thanks for supporting us

PMW is an independent non-profit organization funded by private contributions. 

US Tax-Deductible donations of $25 and above can be made through PEF-Israel Endowment Funds.

Make check payable to the PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.

Indicate that your gift is donor advised to the "Center for Media Research" (the name under which PMW is registered in Israel).

Mail to: PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.
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Alternatively you can send your IRS recognized, tax-deductible donation to The Central Fund of Israel* (Tax ID # for IRS: 13-2992985) with a note advising “PMW project.”
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* The Central Fund of Israel is a US-based IRS-recognized fund that supports many Israeli charities and will accept contributions recommended for PMW.

For non tax-deductible contributions:
Please make check payable to
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