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Israeli Arab MP: "Zionist project" is antithetical to Palestinian goals

PA TV program Together For Palestine interviewed Israeli Arab Member of Israeli Parliament Mohammad Barakeh.
Israeli Arab MP Mohammad Barakeh: “The truth is we aren’t Palestinians because of [Israeli PM Benjamin] Netanyahu. We are Palestinians because this is who we are, in spite of Netanyahu and in spite of the Israeli government’s policy that tried to create what is called ‘Israel’ and tried to say that they recognize the religious and cultural rights but not the national rights of the Palestinian public inside Israel.
The Zionist project is the same [everywhere] but this doesn’t have to ruin our political options…
Meaning, today the [Palestinian] slogan is to establish a Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Meaning , there is one [Israeli] plan. This doesn’t mean that today you can respond to it [the Israeli plan] in the way that will eventually serve the interests of the Zionist plan.”