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Palestinian Prisoners' Committee: "White-clad Israeli war criminals‎" murder prisoners "in cold blood"

‎“The Prisoners’ Committee of the National ‎and Islamic Forces in the Gaza Strip ‎called on the Red Cross to step up their ‎efforts to save the sick prisoners in the ‎Israeli occupation prisons and work ‎towards providing medical care for them, ‎far from the reach of the white-clad Israeli ‎war criminals who use intentional medical ‎neglect against them…‎
The Prisoners’ Committee said in an ‎announcement that it is extremely ‎concerned by what the sick prisoners are ‎experiencing in the occupation prisons: ‎medical neglect aimed at wiping out the ‎prisoners and murdering them in cold ‎blood, followed by the denial of the crime ‎through unfounded and false excuses. ‎The committee noted that 205 Palestinian ‎prisoners have died as Martyrs (Shahids), ‎‎53 of them are prisoners who died as ‎Martyrs as a result of the policy of ‎intentional medical neglect…‎
Fatah’s representative in the Prisoners’ ‎Committee of the National and Islamic ‎Forces in the Gaza Strip said that human ‎rights die in the Israeli prisons due to the ‎racist and abusive policy and Israeli ‎crimes perpetrated every day against the ‎prisoners.”‎

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