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Fatah official: US, Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood (including Hamas) conspire against the Palestinian cause

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Official PA TV Live broadcast the main event marking World Teachers’ Day in Bethlehem. Several PA officials attended the event (according to Facebook page of the Head of Education in Bethlehem): PA Minister of Education Ali Zaidan (Abu Zuhri), Fatah Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi, Advisor to PA Chairman Abbas on NGOs and Member of Fatah Central Committee Sultan Abu Al-Einein, District Governor of Bethlehem Abd Al-Fattah Hamayel and director of the Bethlehem Education Administration Nisreen Yasser Amr.
Fatah Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi delivered the Fatah Central Committee speech: “We say to those who hijacked these revolutions (i.e., the Arab Spring), to the Muslim Brotherhood movement, of which the Hamas movement is a part, being its branch in Palestine: No party or group will succeed if it doesn’t keep the Palestinian cause as the highest priority in its mind. We say to Egypt – Egypt of Arabness, Egypt of Arab nationalism, Egypt of Abd Al Nasser, Egypt of the Egyptian army that crossed the Suez Canal (Beginning the Yom Kippur War against Israel in 1973, Egypt crossed its ceasefire line with Israel, crossing the Suez Canal to enter Sinai, - Ed.): ‘Yes, we are with you and against any who murder and use terrorism against the Egyptian army. The American conspiracy with the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab homeland – its basic purpose is to take the issue of Palestine 50 years backwards. Who in Syria is talking about Palestine now? Who in Tunisia is talking about Palestine? In Yemen? In Egypt? Where are the Palestinian and his cause in these countries? This is the American-Israeli conspiracy. A just revolution began, and the Americans conspired against it with the Muslim Brotherhood’s assistance. This is the biggest conspiracy against the Palestinian cause.’”

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